returns to the
2015 Baltimore Book Festival
as the festival celebrates its 20th Anniversary!
join the ladies of
every 3rd Saturday of the month
Terra Cafe located on E. 25th St.
in Baltimore

#theSPILL is an open jam session and performance series featuring professional and emerging artists. One artist is featured during the show and members of the audience can participate in the open mic/jam session throughout the night. Past featured artists have included Enoch 7th Prophet, Shameeka Dream, Nia Simmons, Brian Christopher, CynDiva, Kareema Wambuii, Chad Carter and others. September’s feature was Baltimore S.O.N. and “Fresh SPILL” artist was Evonne of Tranquil Blessings.
To be featured in #theSPILL, contact
#theSPILL currently takes place at Terra Cafe in Baltimore, MD on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 8pm-11pm.

#theSPILL is produced by Liberated Muse Arts Group

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