#StillLiberated: A Q & A with Singer/Songwriter Anonamas



The #StillLiberated Q & A series features creatives who were members of LiberatedMuse.com when it was a digital community.  In 2008, the digital community LiberatedMuse.com was born, founded by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman,  connecting creatives from around the globe to discuss, collaborate and fellowship. Hundreds have connected through the online portal, beginning meaningful relationships leading to further creative collaborations and ongoing partnerships. The online portal lasted from 2008-2012.

One member who stayed connected with Liberated Muse as a core member of the Liberated Muse Arts Group touring troupe is the singer/songwriter called Anonamas. She is the face of the Liberated Muse Arts Group monthly open mic #theSPILL and she currently tours with our tribute to ancestor artists Maya Angelou and Ruby Dee. Check out her Q & A below!

What is your genre of art (literary, visual, performing, fiber, etc.)? 

Singer/songwriter, perBeFunky_the spillflyer.jpgformer, host, & activists.

What are the things that inspire your work?

People’s stories– anything in life can be a song. The events that are occurring around us–especially now to me– need to be reflected in art, and I make that a priority in my work. Also, turning my art to focus on the thought behind the lyrics instead of being sexualized to gain media exposure: I believe if you have something good, people will gravitate towards it without you having to show your “goods” (laughs)

What are some things happening now that you are paying careful attention to?

The focus for me is politics and distractions in the media, as well as race relations. The world is watching us (meaning America) they are learning what to do and what not to do in this turbulent time.

Tell us what you’ve been up to since Liberated Muse as a digital community ended in 2012

Since 2012, I’ve worked on several music recorded projects such as:

2012 “Not Enough Hours in a day” Ullnevano & Eightsense, Featured Artist

2012 “The Big Bang Theory” The Bangladesh Project Label: Producer’s Den Production, Featured Artist

2014 “Wise Woman Project” Shameeka Dream, Featured Artist

Pending Projects:

2015 “OrganiChemistry” 8orMas Label: Productions (Eightsense & Anonamas), Lyrics by Ballard AM, House-Bey JA (Album)

2015 “Solitary Confinement” Riddim Yut Teferi, featured Artist

2015 Charity Collective Project Various Artist, For Peace & Unity in Baltimore

Community & Public Awareness events:

*Performed at the Pro-seeds Project (Prostate Cancer Awareness) Performance and well as the 2013 Calendar

*Performed at the B MORE Dilla Tribute in 2011 & 2012 (J Dilla Foundation – Funding Inner City Music Programs)

*Featured artist for the Reupspot Presents: Fuck Cancer Mixtape (2012)

Live events:

Performed with the Liberated Muse Arts Group for a tour of tribute shows honoring Maya Angelou and Ruby Dee and I’m host off the monthly open mic #theSPILL which is produced and presented by Liberated Muse Arts Group

How do you describe your artistry to those unfamiliar with your work?

I describe myself as a singer/songwriter that creates lyrics out of anything. Everything in life can be a song. I write from the perspective of the unknown person, that’s why I call myself Anonamas.

 What are some goals you have for the rest of the year?

I want to become a better singer/songwriter and grow in my craft. I want to do more outreach in the community and combine art with ongoing social awareness and change (for the better). I also want to learn and become proficient in the Djembe drum & Bass guitar.

Where can we find you online?

I’m currently working on a new website, but for the time being you can find me at the following:






About Liberated Muse Arts Group

Liberated Muse Productions (2008-2010) produced the annual Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest held in Washington DC’s Marvin Gaye Park for three years and after the dissolution of Liberated Muse Productions, Liberated Muse Arts Group became the new name of the umbrella of services in 2011, producing cultural programming throughout the Washington DC metro area. To commission Liberated Muse Arts Group for a project, contact us at LiberatedMuseArts@gmail.com.  Learn more here.