The heART Award

Everyone is creative. However, all creativity is not always memorable, enriching or substantive.

The Liberated Muse heART Award is an annual award first awarded in 2013 to recognize creatives in the Washington DC metropolitan area who are using their art in meaningful ways. Awardees are selected for their success in using their creativity to educate, unify, uplift, ignite and mobilize. Nominations are accepted year-round. You can send your nominations to

Meet our Liberated Muse heART Awardees:

Colie Williams (2014 heART Awardee)
Colie Williams (2014 heART Awardee)


New York-native Colie Williams has been a long-time Washington DC area resident for over a decade. Within that time, she has built a career that has included working as an actress with a Kennedy Center theater troupe, performing on national stages including the Apollo Theater and the National Cherry Blossom Festival while enjoying tours to share her music nationally and abroad. In 2011, she released her first album Light Up the Darkness which was met with critical acclaim. In 2013, she released her single “Natural” which is a call to women to embrace their natural internal and external beauty despite societal calls to alter one’s appearance.

Colie is a early childhood special education teacher when she is not working as a professional actor or singer. She is a tenured teacher with Prince George’s County Public Schools, using music often as a way to enhance her instruction.

Kuroji Patrick (2013 heART Award Awardee) with his daughter Zamora Muse
Kuroji Patrick (2013 heART Award Awardee) with his daughter Zamora Muse


V. Kuroji Patrick is an illustrator, breast-feeding advocate, photographer, lyricist, youth educator, and publishing company owner with his wife Chenniah.

V. Kuroji Patrick  is an illustrator and co-publisher of the children’s book, This Milk Tastes Good! A Breastfeeding Rhyme, which features an African-American family. V. Kuroji Patrick is a father of five breastfed children and has been asked to work with organizations like the W. K. Kellogg Foundation in developing short videos that highlight his specialty of addressing ways to involve fathers in the breastfeeding process. He has traveled as far as Puerto Rico presenting workshops that speak towards supporting and promoting the Dads breastfeeding in communities where statistics show a low percentage of breastfeeding families. Mr. Patrick is also a recipient of the 2013 Medela ‘Breastfeeding Hall of Excellence’ Award, recognized for his efforts in normalizing nursing.

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